Shri Pravinchandra Kesrichand Shah Parivar Public Healthcare Centers

(Managed by Shree Patan Jain Mandal)

Marine Drive

77, Patan Jain Mandal Marg,
Marine Drive, Mumbai-400020.
Tel: +91-22-22811346   

Goregaon (W)

Roopam, 152 Jawahar Nagar,
Goregaon (W), Mumbai – 400062.
Tel: +91-22-28776090   

Borivali (E)

A-23/1, Ratan Nagar,
Deep Narayan Dube Marg,
Borivali (E), Mumbai – 400068.
Tel: +91-22-28911308    

List of Health Care Articles Given Free to Public (on Nominal Deposit) 

  1. Nebulizer
  2. Suction Pump
  3. Air Bed
  4. Special Fowler bed
  5. Fowler bed
  6. Wheel Chair
  7. Oxygen Cylinder
  8. Oxygen machine
  9. Ordinary bed
  10. Water Bed
  11. Walker
  12. Commode Chair
  13. Saline Stand
  14. Back Rest
  15. Crutches
  16. Walking Stick
  17. Bed Pan
  18. Kidney Tray
  19. Urine Pot
  20. Spittoon


  1. On the Recommendations in writing of the Registered Medical Practitioner Articles is/are supplied to the Public at their  own Risk with a clear understanding that the said articles is/are used under the guidance of a medical Practitioner.
  2. Health care Articles should be properly checked while taking delivery from office. While giving back at the Article should be in the same Condition otherwise your deposit will be forfeited or you have to replace new one.
  3. Health Care Articles can be used for four weeks only. If it is most necessary it can be renewed for further period, but the decision will be of person in charge.
  4. Health Care Articles can be used for a Maximum Period of 6 Months with permission only, if not returned within this stipulated time your deposit will be forfeited without notice.
  5. All Payments have to make in cash in Advance.
  6. The Party shall arrange to transport the Article to & from office.
  7. Health Care Article returned and Refund of Deposit will be Available after One week after return of Health care Articles.

Except Oxygen Facilities all other Articles are given on Deposit only.
For Oxygen Facilities, oxygen used is charged on daily basis.